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A little bit of holiday magic!

Christmas has always been a magical time. As a child on Christmas eve we always went as a family for a Christmas light walk, leaving my grandmother to touch up dinner, and without fail, Santa would have come mysteriously while she was in the kitchen. I couldn't fathom the possibility my grandmother was lending a helping hand, and with child like wonder would be mystified. "Grandma, but are you sure you didn't hear him come? Maybe you stirred too loudly? lets look for clues!"

I'm a little older, maybe a little wiser, and while some holidays don't quite hold the same magic as an adult, but Christmas appears to be the exception for the entire Fieldhouse family. If you've followed us from the start you know that we love the holiday- and have had our share of adventures turning the park into a winter wonderland over the years, with candy cane walk ways, an upcycled and craft christmas market, ugly sweater yoga, and our personal favourite- turning the fieldhouse into a giant gingerbread house with cookies, cakes, cocoa, and other sweet treats inside.

This year we are all about the handmade, after all, we've been learning how to knit! A few of us are away or injured, in my case this year I'll be at the Austr