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up to 2016

The journey begins...

In 2016 our founding members Selina & Rebecca apply for the Park Board Field house residency program.  

At the walk through of the building they meet and connect with the people who eventually become our field house neighbours: the Riley Park Community Garden. 

Check out the community garden's blog here: 

What we were listening to in 2016








The year we moved in and the fun (+work) began!

In 2017 the fieldhouse crew moved in and dove into creating the merakos community hub. We delivered invitations to the businesses and 3 blocks of houses surrounding the field house. This ensured we had open lines of communication with our neighbours going into our residency and was an amazing way to connect with small businesses, organisations,and current community culture. To date the opening party and the warmth for which the team and Riley embraced each other from that first invite is one of a kind. 


2017's most important takeaway?

Personal connection works best. 

Top playlist at the field house 2017 (and beyond)





The year we learned how to coordinate.

We didn't know it at the time but our most memorable project in 2018 turned our to be in December. The Frosted Upcycled Christmas Market. 

The night before our field house plumbings started gurgling up sand so we were on site until 2am for an emergency Plummer. We got a few hours of sleep and then came back in to set up at 6am. We pulled off a massive setup process constructing a village of borrowed tents, strings of lights, giant connect fort, giant photo feature frame, christmas decorations, and a warming hut with zero waste treats. It was cold, and a lot of work- we now understand why markets charge their vendors (we of course didn't!) but as you can see from the video it was still a blast and it was probably the most complex multi-part event we've done. 

Fun Fact?

In honour of our christmas market experience we continue to decorate our fieldhouse as a gingerbread house each Christmas

Top tracks played at the field house in 2018



 In 2019 year one of the original members of Merakos Rebecca graduated and went on to pursue her passion as a math teacher.

During this transitional year, a new version of the collective organically emerged. Expanding onto the same programs, this group of wonderful and insightful people brought new ideas to the Merakos family, as more creative writing, visual arts, and inter-generational meeting of the minds began occurring. The remaining original founding member Selina co-created stoke socials with Alice and leaned into crafted connections with Monique. This was an important time of growth, a change-up of team mates and the process of figuring out what kind of personality the next chapter of the Merakos residency would have.

A little bit of Grace: 

You cannot change any society unless you take responsibility for it, unless you see yourself as belonging to it and responsible for changing it.

Grace Lee Boggs

Top track played at the field house 2019

Hillcrest Summer Fest


What 5-7 words could possibly do justice.

The Riley Fieldhouse is just off Main St. and is really one of the local hearts of small business in Vancouver. Small businesses, arts and culture spaces, and community organisations (which make up the Main St. corridor) are some of the heaviest impacted by the lockdowns. Because we are part of an area so connected to those field  2020's programming coincided with some of the most  substantial, turbulent, and potentially permanent  economic impacts to our community as a whole. This was a bleak time. But we pulled together, we exceeded health criteria, and we got to be outside. 

Normally field house's are pretty fun. We've always tried to sprinkle in some silver linings and brighten up our chores (hello Rebecca's tax parties) but 2020 required us to do practical and realistic programming and community support.

It wasn't glamorous or photogenic but it mattered. We are immensely grateful to have had each other and at the end of this to be firmly launching into a more hopeful 2021.

Top track played at the field house 2020

"Top track" for 2020 is a bit up for debate since the field house was closed most of the year and we weren't together. 

Since our top voted and very catchy pep up song has profanity and probably won't fly in a community space here are our two (slightly more family friendly) co-runner up choices for 2020. 

Florida Georgia Line - H.O.L.Y.
Sam Hunt - Body Like A Back Road (Offici

We are hoping for more tie-dye 'how to's', more park concerts, more cool glow-events, more sunny park hangouts with the slackline + for good measure? more joy.  

We Made this sweater using ice & Dye. 

We are super proud of it. 


The adventure continues...

2021 hasn't showed us what kind of year it's going to be yet. But one things for sure. We are hoping to see you in person soon! 

In the meantime: 

Follow the monthly motivation blog- from making bread to book recommendations. 

Current voice of the blog is Lizzie.

Learn a little bit about Grace: 

Grace Lee Boggs is our author of mention for spring. Find pertinent excerpts and popular quotes from her work throughout our site. Follow along with us on the page  

“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.”
— Bilbo Baggins

Top track we recommend going into 2021.


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